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Waterfalls of Wisconsin: The Wild Waters of Intrigue

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In the state more commonly known for its farmlands, renowned photographer Troy Hess showcases the natural beauty of Wisconsin's waterfalls. Join Troy as he explores these spectacular waterways dispersed throughout America's Dairyland. From the raging torrents to the lesser-known creeks and streams, these waterways comprise this definitive collection. With a decade of research and travels furnishing his repertoire, Troy offers a glimpse through his lens as he captures the serenity and natural beauty of these wondrous waterways. Each location includes a cross-reference by county, offering insightful inspiration for a journey of your own. "The Wild Waters of Intrigue" is the perfect travel companion to elucidate the whereabouts and compel admiration for these natural freshwater displays.

By Troy Hess

Published by: Arcadia Publishing 2021

Pages: 95

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